Our apartments

Are children allowed to stay?

We do not recommend that children stay in the apartments due to location but this is ultimately the guests choice.

Do you allow pets to stay?

We do not allow pets to stay at Briggate Boutique Apartments.

Can i get food delivered to the apartment?

Yes, feel free to have food delivered. I suggest you use the building address for delivery and give your contact details so that you can make your way to the front door to collect.

Is smoking permitted in the apartments/rooms?

Smoking is not permitted within any part of the apartments/rooms. Should guests wish to smoke there is a smoking terrace is located towards the back of the building.

Will i be able to hear any noise when in the apartment/room?

As we are based in the heart of the city please be aware that you will have some noise. You will also notice that we are located 2 floors above a busy pub. Please bear this in mind when booking.

Do you have WIFI?

Yes we have complementary WIFI available for all guests. The username is BRIGGATEBOUTIQUEWIFI and the wifi password is WIFIPASSWORD

Can i invite guests to my apartment/room?

We are happy for our customers to invite guests into the apartment/rooms but the do need to be accompanied by the customer at all times for security purposes.

Do you have  any parking?

Unfortunately we do not have parking available however we do have a great deal with Q Park which is located on Criterion Place LS1 4AG. This is literally 2 minutes away from our location. The price for 24 hours parking is £12. To take advantage of this great rate you will need to take a voucher from the room. The vouchers can be found inside the black book. Simply enter this voucher into the machine before paying and it will apply a discount.



Do you have a reception?

We do not have a reception. Briggate Boutique Apartments runs a no hassle check in process whereby guests have everything they require before they are due to check in. If you have any questions please feel free to call us. We have someone available 24 hours a day.

No keys are required to enter the apartments/rooms. Everywhere is accessed using codes. These codes will be sent to you via email and text before you are due to check in.

Where do i collect my key from?

Check in time is anytime from 3pm. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate early check ins as this is dependant on the previous nights guests checking out on time, however we will notify you when your apartment/room is ready.

Can i check in early?

Can i check out late?

Check out time is anytime before 12pm. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate late check out.

Guests are able to check in any time after 3pm. There are no restrictions on how late.

Can in check in late at night?

Everything else.....

Is there anywhere to store baggage?

Yes we can store your luggage both before you are due to check in and after check out. To arrange this please call us on 01133449598

Can i pay cash on arrival?

We operate a contactless check in process whereby payment is normally taken on the morning of your expected arrival using card details provided when booking. Once successful payment has been taken we will email and text you 2 codes. The first code should be used to enter the building and the second code should be used to enter the room/apartment.

Does my room have a balcony?

We have 2 rooms that have balconies. There are rooms 9a and 9b. (loft rooms) If you are unsure of what room you have booked just drop us a message and we gladly confirm with you.

What facilities are included in the room?

To view the facilities in each of the rooms simply go to the apartments tab at the top of the page.

Does Booking.com take my payment when i book?

Booking.com will never take your payment. Payments are always taken by the accommodation provider and will fit in line with the policy of your booking. If you have booked a free cancellation room then payment can be taken from your card any time after 3pm on the day before your expected arrival as this is when your free cancelation has expired.

Can i swap rooms once i have booked?

If you would like to swap a room that you have booked on a free cancellation policy the easiest way to do this is to book the room that you want and then cancel the room you no longer want. Obviously you must do this at least 24 hours before you are due to arrive or costs may be incurred.  

Can we smoke on the balcony?

Rooms 9a and 9b both have ashtrays located on the balcony. Feel free to smoke in this area only.

Where are you located?

Briggate Boutique Apartments are located above the Viaduct Showbar on Lower Briggate. You will find the entrance to the building next door to club mission. When locating the building please use the postcode LS1 6ER and not the street name as this may send you in the wrong direction. If you need directions just call us on 01133449598.

Can i get extra towels?

If you would like extra towels simply call us on 01133449598 and we will arrange to get these to you as soon as possible.