Want to become a BBA Therapist?

Here at Briggate Boutique Apartments we are always looking to add therapists to our database. If you are qualified and want to earn extra money on evening and weekends then please leave your contact information below.

The way things work. 

The concept is simple. Guests will book an over nights stay and then any time up until 48 hours before their stay they can book a selection of treatments. When booking they will be informed of the total duration of their appointment and then specify a treatment start time.

A list of jobs will then be uploaded to our system. You can then enter your details to claim the job. 

You must be able to complete the full job to claim it or be able to work alongside someone else to complete the job.

How much will i earn?

BBA has set their own prices for treatments. The prices set are competitive but also include a surcharge for convenience.  

Guests will pay a 20% deposit on treatments which secures their appointments. 

This 20% is our commission. You then take payment directly from the guest after completing treatments.

What are the expected times for the treatments?

Our check in time is 3pm and check out is 12pm so all appointments will fall either after 3pm or before 12pm.




If you would like more information regarding joining us please complete the form below and we will email you everything you require.

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